Justin Ray Williams has created, directed, produced live shows, events, festivals, produced record albums and films over 20 years.

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“Labs for Dyslexia” a Documentary Film

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LABS for Dyslexia

“Labs for Dyslexia” The World Premiere of the Documentary Film, Nov. 23rd, 2019.


Justin Ray Williams is helping produce with Executive Producer Janie Seay, Other Vision Studios & Collins White

One out of every five children in the United States has dyslexia, and are not capable of learning inside the public education system.

These are smart kids, talented kids, and they possess a whole set of abilities that non-dyslexics don’t have, but they are being left behind and made to feel inferior because the public education system only supports the 80% of non-dyslexics in their student population.

Help us tell the story of remarkable women, an exceptional school, determined parents, and brave children overcoming dyslexia.

Support our film at
Senior Director at Pearl Street Records.
Justin focuses on signing, administration, promotions, management and marketing.
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Executive Director for South Carolina Entertainment & Music Hall of Fame non-profit501(c)(3)
Justin Ray Williams is the Executive Producer of the New film out of South Carolina The Farmhand.

 “The Farmhand” takes place during the height of Prohibition in South Carolina where lawlessness prevailed. Hired assassin Grayson Livingston is on a mission by a kingpin bootlegger to execute Sheriff Henry Lloyd, a small town sheriff who makes alcohol shipments moving through his county difficult. In his attempt, Grayson makes a grave mistake in judgment. Now an outlaw on the run, Grayson finds shelter on a farm where he is discovered by the owner, Everett James (EJ) Sawyer. Hired as a farmhand, Grayson crosses paths with EJ’s wife, Constance (Connie) Rose Martine-Sawyer, who quickly takes a liking to him. A relationship blossoms but it soon leads them both into danger. As Sheriff Lloyd relentlessly hunts Grayson, no one is safe.

Justin is the host of a new radio show called  "The FAME".
Time: 7pm, Every Saturday Night, on 94.5FM - iHeartRadio "WGTK-FM"

We share information about upcoming events, local and regional entertainment news, feature local non-profits.

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Justin is the Producer of Zack Turner's New Single "Down Home"
Download it today!
Justin is the Producer on The new up coming Project Warriors The Album With
Legendary Country singer-songwriter Zack Turner
Justin is the Founder/Operator of Powdersville LIVE, a local community blog with 4700K Followers and over 15K hits month.
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Justin Ray Williams is a LIFETIME member to the South Carolina Theatre Association.
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