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LABS for Dyslexia

“Labs for Dyslexia” The World Premiere of the Documentary Film, Nov. 23rd, 2019.


Justin Ray Williams is helping produce with Executive Producer Janie Seay, Other Vision Studios & Collins White

One out of every five children in the United States has dyslexia, and are not capable of learning inside the public education system.

These are smart kids, talented kids, and they possess a whole set of abilities that non-dyslexics don’t have, but they are being left behind and made to feel inferior because the public education system only supports the 80% of non-dyslexics in their student population.

Help us tell the story of remarkable women, an exceptional school, determined parents, and brave children overcoming dyslexia.

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We are always looking for new artist.

Bands, comedians, singers, songwriters, radio host, etc

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